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LiFePO4 Battery Pack suppliers Wholesale Golf Cart Lithium Ion Titanate Battery Pack suppliers聽 Product Name200AH 5KW Lithium Ion BatteryBrandMECC Module size420*320*260mmWeight51KG Model NumberMECC18Number of cycles鈮?000 times Nominal voltage24 VDischarge cut-off protection voltage鈮?0A Nominal capacity200AhNominal energy5kWh certified productMSDSCharge temperature0鈩?45鈩?/p Internal resistance鈮?0惟Disharge temperature-20鈩?60鈩?/p 200AH 5KW Lithium Battery Selling Point 鈽?LiFePO4 battery: 1銆?2700 lithium iron phosphate battery, Cycle life up to 2000 times锛?/p 2銆?-5 years service life 鈽吢燬table performance: Working temperature -20掳C~60掳C, Strong compatibility, matching the use of the device Ready size, easy to install. 鈽吢燤etal shell: Choose corrosion-resistant metal housing Dustproof and rainproof for daily use , more wear-resistant than plastic shellsLiFePO4 Battery Pack suppliers website:

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