Break the sky

The more Lin Xuan looked at Yun Yu, the more he threw himself into his stomach and treated her very courteously.

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"Oh?"? What's up? That's all right! Just say it. Even beyond the ability, the second brother and the eldest brother will do their best to help! Hearing this, Xiao Li immediately waved his hand and laughed. Uh With a slight smile, Xiao Yan nodded lightly. In the spacious room, Xiao Yan three people sit in it, but the green scale, is carefully carries three cups of green tea, then cleverly stands behind Xiao Yan. Hehe, what's wrong with Xiaoyanzi? Just say it. Let Big Brother help you analyze it. He took a sip from his teacup. Xiao Ding smiled at Xiao Yan. Smiling and nodding, Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment. "I came to the Tagore Desert to look for something," he said softly. "Things?"? What is it Hearing this, Xiao Li asked with a slightly curious smile. Different fire.. Fingers tapped gently on the table, and Xiao Yan whispered. "Uh.." The room suddenly became much quieter. Xiao Ding and Xiao Li looked at each other and said confusedly, "Strange fire?"? That kind of thing seems to be something that only alchemists need, right? What do you need it for? Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and said with a faint smile, "Because I am an alchemist." "Huh?" Hearing this, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li's faces stiffened. After a moment, their eyebrows were filled with ecstasy: "Are you an alchemist?" "Oh, I'm lucky to have the talent to be an alchemist, and I met a teacher when I was in Wutan City, so.." Xiao Yan chuckled. Tut-tut. The little guy is really great. I didn't expect that my Xiao family could also produce an alchemist,Magnesium Oxide powder, ha ha. Looking at Xiao Yan nodding to confirm, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li immediately laughed, some envy and gratification in the laughter. Strange fire this thing, the rare degree is really some terrible, although we mixed a lot of time in the desert city, but really did not hear who said, where there are traces of strange fire ah. After the joy, Xiao Ding frowned slightly and said helplessly. Smiling and shaking his head,Magnesium Oxide price, Xiao Yan flicked the ring with his finger, took out a primitive sheepskin scroll, carefully spread it on the table, pointed to a flame sign on it, and whispered: "This is a map I got. In the place of the flame sign, there should be a chance to find the trace of the strange fire, but I am not familiar with the terrain around the desert city." So I can't find the exact place of the flame sign. Brother, you have spent a lot of time here. Do you know if there are any strange places around the desert city? Hearing this, Xiao Ding pulled the map, glanced at it roughly, and said in amazement, "What a detailed map!". It's the first time I've seen such a map. "Well, it's a little too detailed." Xiao Li nodded, frowned and observed the map carefully. He said softly, "It seems that the place marked by this flame should be in the eastern part of Shimo City, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Oxide price, right?" "Uh-huh.". Probably south of east, to be exact. Xiao Ding nodded slightly and said thoughtfully, "But there doesn't seem to be anything too strange in the eastern direction of Shimo City." "No, that place, when I was on a mission, I took people to search for a few days, and I didn't find anything strange." Xiao Li also shook his head and said helplessly. Look at the two men shaking their heads. Xiao Yan face across a touch of disappointment, sighed, it seems that there should be no trace of the fire here. However, when Xiao Yan was full of disappointment, a timid soft voice suddenly sounded in the room. That one Young master, the eastern part of the rocky desert city. There does seem to be something strange. Hearing this, Xiao Yan was stupefied at first. Then he suddenly turned his head and stared at the green scales wringing his little hands. "Do you know?" He said in a hurry. One side, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li, is also stunned eyes moved to the green scales, obviously, they do not know. Being watched by the three people in the room, the timidity on the small face of the green scales was even stronger, and he hesitated: "I don't know if I feel it accurately." But half a year ago, I really sensed that there were some changes in the south-eastern part of Shimo City. How do you know? You don't seem to have the strength, do you? Xiao Ding stroked the teacup with his palm and said doubtfully. I.. I don't know. Half a year ago, I sensed an extremely powerful breath appeared outside the desert city, this breath. It's similar to some of the blood in my body, and in front of that breath, even the commander of the mercenary regiment of sand is much weaker than him. The green scales clung to Xiao Yan carefully and whispered. Oh Hearing this, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li were slightly moved. The commander of the Sand Mercenary Regiment is a great fighter. Even he is much weaker than that mysterious breath, that. Isn't the other side at least a strong man at the level of King Dou? "A breath similar to your blood?"? Is it Queen Medusa? I pondered for a moment. Xiao Li suddenly some shocked tunnel, with the strength of Queen Medusa, even if to destroy the desert city, it is not difficult, right? This kind of super horrible person, unexpectedly in the situation which they did not know, turned a circle around the rocky desert city? Queen Medusa's ears, Xiao Ding's face is also slightly changed, around the Tagore Desert, this name, just like the momentum of the ancient river of King Dan in Gamadi's country. I don't know Qinglin shook his head and whispered, "I can only vaguely feel that half a year ago, she suddenly came to the eastern part of Shimo City, where she seemed to stay for a night. During that night, the energy in the east was extremely irritable, and I also know that when she left, she seemed to be injured.." Listening to Qinglin's story, Xiao Yan breathed a sigh of relief. His eyes narrowed slightly and he whispered, "Can you be sure where she stayed?" "Should be able to, although the time interval of half a year, but she left behind some of the residual breath is too strong, I." I rely on the blood in my body. You should be able to find that place. Speaking of the blood,Magnesium Oxide powder, the small face of the green scales was obviously gloomy, but she still forced a smile tunnel. If the young master wants to go, Qinglin will try his best to take you there! 。

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