Douro Continent 2 Peerless Tangmen

Most of the recruits are exhausted by the high-intensity training every day. But Delory's life is so rich and colorful. If the body is always beaten black and blue, purple is also colorful, then he is colorful.

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"I will defeat you." Dai Luoli clenched his fist, depressed in his heart, because Huo Yuhao's words completely became the fuel of his heart fire. Huo Yuhao laughed and said, "If one day you can defeat me, then you will succeed." "What is beating you?" Dai Luoli said disdainfully? I must be a strong man like Douro. You're not even a soul master. How can you be my target? "Don't go too far," said Huo Yuhao. "Defeat me first." As he spoke, he handed over the clothes in his hand again. Dai Luoli took the clothes directly this time and changed them quickly. Then he jumped up from the ground. My heart is confused today, and I will challenge you again tomorrow. With these words, he strode toward the barracks. Huo Yuhao said to his back, "It's no problem to challenge. However, you'd better prepare your clothes tomorrow. Everyone has two military uniforms." Delory stiffened for a moment before quickening his pace toward the barracks. When Huo Yuhao returned to the first dormitory, most of the recruits fell asleep because of the tiredness of the day. But there are also people who haven't slept yet, such as Wang Xiaodian. Seeing Huo Yuhao coming back, Wang Xiaodian slipped over quietly and asked in a low voice, "Boss, what happened?"? The vice captain challenged you? Huo Yufa nodded his head. Wang Xiaodian laughed and said, "I think you won." Narrow Yuhao laughed and said, "Why do you think so?" Wang Xiaodian said, "When the vice captain came back just now, he had a smelly face. Then he sat in the quilt with the quilt covered. He didn't know what he was doing." "All right,automated warehouse systems," said Huo Yuhao, "hurry up and go to bed. Tomorrow's training will certainly not be easy. Do you still have the leisure to gossip? "Yes, I'll go to bed at once.". Boss, I'll hang out with you from now on. Wang Xiaodian quickly slipped back to his bunk and went to bed. Huo Yuhao also lay down on the bunk. But instead of immediately entering a state of meditation, he thought about how he could help Delori improve his strength. There was nothing to say all night, and the next morning, at dawn, the horn of assembly sounded. Huo Yuhao was the first to bounce up from the bed and woke up the recruits in the first dormitory one by one. The recruits got up complaining,warehouse storage racks, put on their uniforms and ran out. Delory is no exception. He was under the quilt yesterday, and he was meditating. Get up in the morning, in addition to the face livid, the other is to listen to the spirit of the mouth do not look at Huo Yuhao, directly out of the barracks. The initial training of recruits is simple and boring, running, military posture, running, military posture. Then in the afternoon, someone from the military justice team came to talk about military justice. At the end of the day, the recruits were tired like dead dogs. After dinner, this time even Wang Xiaodian, who was so energetic, fell asleep. Huo Yuhao and Dai Luoli are exceptions. After dinner, pallet rack shelving ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, it was completely dark outside. When Dai Luoli did not launch an attack, Huo Yuhao waved to him and said with a smile, "Go!"! I'll give you another chance today. "Go!" Dai Luoli instantly jumped up, as a soul division, recruit training is naturally not a load for him. The two men went out of the barracks and came to the school yard again. In order to avoid being discovered, this time Huo Yuhao took Dai Luoli directly to the corner of the school yard. Come on Huo Yuhao waved to Dai Luoli. With yesterday's lesson, Dai Luoli learned a lesson from the bitter experience today, while carrying out recruit training, while thinking for a day. He felt that he lost to Huo Yuhao last night because he was too careless. The same mistake is naturally not intended to be repeated. So, as soon as he came up today, he was particularly cautious. In his opinion, as long as he is careful, he will not lose to Huo Yuhao in any case. But is that really the case? Huo Yuhao did not mean to take the initiative to attack, Dai Luoli naturally to take the initiative. After careful observation, he felt that Huo Yuhao's whole body was full of flaws. The second soul ring shines, a white light spurts out from the mouth, toward Huo Yuhao laser. White tiger and fierce light wave. His white tiger's fierce light wave spurted out, showing a circular diffusion of light. In terms of direct attack, it is certainly not as good as Dai Yaoheng and Dai Huabin. However, the coverage is larger, and there are also attacks of spiritual attributes. Unfortunately, playing mental strength, no one in the same level can compete with Huo Yuhao, let alone him. Huo Yuhao's body twinkled, and in an instant it became illusory in Dai Luoli's eyes. Dai Luoli was shocked to find that he had clearly locked in the soul skill released by his opponent and had lost his goal. Then, Huo Yuhao was already in front of him. Body squat, Dai Luoli a pair of tiger claws completely popped out, straight to Huo Yuhao when the chest to grab. Huo Yuhao's forward body suddenly stagnated, his right toe bounced up, and in an instant, he kicked two times on the wrists of both hands of Dai Luoli, when his hands were numb. Huo Yuhao had already kicked out, directly kicked Dai Luoli to fly up, and fell heavily five meters away. Displayed the white tiger martial arts soul, bear to beat very mouth dailuoli this day is thinking about how to deal with Huo Yuhao. What Huo Yuhao was thinking about was how to make his younger brother become strong as soon as possible. He felt that the unknown blue-golden figure was the best way to deal with him when he was in the Valley of Love. Punch! Punch it hard! Only when you are hurt, can you have a long memory. If you have a long memory, your strength will naturally become stronger. As a result, Huo Yuhao's plan is to practice alone with Dai Luoli every night during this period of recruits. Dai Luoli's tragedy began from the moment Huo Yuhao recognized him. At the beginning, he did not believe that as a soul master, he could not defeat an ordinary person. However, with the passage of time, no matter what method he used, Huo Yuhao was always able to defeat him with absolute strength and speed. But Huo Yuhao is very measured, every time he hit him very painful, but not injured. Recruit life is tiring and boring,teardrop pallet racking, at least for the vast majority of recruits. Most of the recruits are exhausted by the high-intensity training every day. But Delory's life is so rich and colorful. If the body is always beaten black and blue, purple is also colorful, then he is colorful.

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