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This is a controversial topic, but since we have no way of knowing the sentiment or who purchased our actual dolls, our advantage in understanding user ideologies lies in whether we can do it as quickly as possible.

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And what is the idea behind our real love dolls? Their possible uses, commercial, sexual and therapeutic, we would like to point out our interpretation of the principles of using real dolls.

Our silicone dolls are not helpful for women. We have a diverse set of institutions and we reaffirm our commitment to consolidation rather than "standardization."

As we discuss the final element of our craft philosophy, the Love Doll, it is important to note that we have a good understanding of the function of the company and the fact that it has a strong focus on “love” and “love” in comment of. Relationships with sex, or understanding, using pure behavior, our real dolls can play the role of therapists for humans, socially difficult or sociopaths, for whom the development of social relationships "hell" and constant contact with other people is a Insurmountable obstacles.

After the vision of silicone dolls is assimilated into love dolls, we think that this vision will become more common in Europe due to the demographic change process mentioned above, but we know that there are two sides to this. Two souls, one of whom will only see sex toys because most people actually see them. We think they are compatible, we don't want to use it, but if we want these two souls to coexist freely; two purposes encompassing concepts like a love doll.

Still, we see flaws that don't fit our ideals, and we're willing to communicate that and love male models. This is an industry run by men. They coexist with social masculinity and religious and/or cultural traditions that place women in a lower status. So we decided to solve this problem with our next investment, bringing in more male models and establishing a new manufacturer in the United States with real dolls for the men in our catalog. We produce a wide range of love dolls.

Luckily, we had a lively discussion when the sex dolls were introduced. There are many examples of how most realistic sex doll have helped many people overcome feelings of shame, loneliness, or simply a desire for companionship.

Conclusion for Real Dolls:
In this article we are concerned with the stance of Real Dolls, and finally the stance of silicone dolls on sex and reality. It talks about "silent" robots with artificial intelligence. Will stay with us until.

We don’t want our real customize sexdoll to be used to exacerbate violence against women.

We do not want them to displace those who may lead to criminal behavior such as pedophilia. Therefore, we will not release children whose height is less than 140 cm or whose body looks like that of a child.

We don't want to go through this exercise to convince you that we like sex dolls, but we do want to communicate and explain our vision.

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