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1kw Tube Laser Cutting Machine Company Team Values LOGO About RAYTHER Shandong Rayther Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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1kw Tube Laser Cutting Machine Company Team Values LOGO About RAYTHER Shandong Rayther Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established on January 4, 2015, located in B6 Building, JOIN · Zibo Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Park, Shandong, China. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacturing and marketing. The industrial chain covers laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, laser engraving machine, laser automation and supporting equipment, etc. Rayther is presently the suppliers of international famous enterprises such as Siemens, LG from Korea , and Tata Group from India. After a short and efficient development, Rayther Equipment has covered all provinces in China and has established business relationships with more than 120 countries and regions. At present, Rayther have supplied laser equipment for more than 2900 companies and set up rationalised production plans. Company environment They all chose RAYTHER. Management team Yan Jingchuan--Chairman Served as China Marketing Director of Doosan Machinery Co., Ltd. Served as China Marketing Director of South Korea's LG Petroleum Group National Returned Entrepreneur Talent Taishan Talents Leading Talents in Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Winner of Shandong May Fourth Youth Medal Du Yue--General Manager Double degree in traffic engineering, economic management and management Worked at the Office of the Transportation Management Office of Zibo City Serving as the director to handle work Possess rich experience in business and enterprise unit management Su Zongge--Chief Engineer Served as UK Spurai Laser Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Application Process Engineer, Quality Inspection Director Che Yi--Design Director Served as a post-editor in China on the tip of the tongue Won the "Golden Pusher" Award for Chinese Newspaper Advertising Meizu flyme mobile phone theme design contest The second prize of themed environment design Technical support Luo Fei--Technical Consultant Responsible for and participated in projects and topics related to high-power radio frequency lasers in the United States, and served as a senior consultant for laser research and development companies. Zeng Aijun--Technical Consultant Deputy Chief Engineer of China Lithography Machine Optical Collimation Leading talents of Taishan Industrial Technology Entrepreneurship,PhD, research institute, doctoral supervisor Zheng Hongyu--Technical Consultant Distinguished Professor of Shandong University of Technology, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Honorary Dean of Qingdao Research Institute. In 1990, he obtained a doctor's degree from Imperial College of Technology and studied under Professor William M. Steen, a leading laser scientist. Tang Houjun--Technical Consultant Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Shanghai Jiaotong University Director of China Electrotechnical Power Electronics Professional Committee Presided over 4 national projects More than 15 authorized invention patents Team RAYTHER's unique management philosophy guides the thoughts and actions of all RAYTHER associates. We are a team full of responsibility and passion for customers, advocating learning and being good at innovation. Innovation, sincere cooperation, sincere service, advocating a win-win situation, and ensuring the fastest time and best service. The RAYTHER logo is a combination of the symbol mark and logotype and may not be adapted or modified in any way. You must ensure sufficient clear space aroundthe logo according to space regulations. The Meaning of the RAYTHER Logo Keywords: laser, technology, growth, rigor The new logo of the RAYTHER brand declares that RAYTHER has been focusing on the laser field for a long time, creating social value and serving customers with a rigorous and scientific attitude. The main body is rectangular, designed according to the golden section ratio, and the ratio of length to width is 1:0.618, which embodies RAYTHER's rigorous attitude and pursuit of excellence in aesthetics and science. Straight lines and arcs, the design concept comes from the three characteristics of the laser, the fastest knife, the brightest light, and the most accurate ruler. The characteristics of laser have the commonality of radial rays. The brand logo uses simplified laser lines as the main design, emphasizing that RAYTHER is an enterprise with the intelligent application of laser as its core. In addition to the lines that include RAYTHER focus on the laser field, the fast-rising straight line expresses the vigor and rapid development of the Laser company. The curve is the development law of the entire laser industry, showing a steady upward trend. The straight line and the arc intersect at the golden intersection, which means that RAYTHER enters the laser industry at the most appropriate opportunity, and will surpass and lead the development of the laser industry in the future. A slight downward arc at the end of the line indicates that the development of each industry does not always rise and there will be twists and turns. It always reminds every employee of RAYTHER Company to work hard and strive to make progress. Color system pantone 323 c c96 m16 y42 k57 r0 g95 b97 hex:#005f61 pantone 316 c c97 m21 y33 k73 r0 g72 b81 hex:#004851 hex:#004851 c76 m72 y70 k40 r55 g58 b54 hex:#373a361kw Tube Laser Cutting Machine website:http://www.raytherlasercutter.com/

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