How to enhance the security of MetaMask Extension?

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How to enhance the security of MetaMask Extension?

In the crypto realm, the security of your purchased assets and trading data comes first. What if I would ask you- “What do you do to protect your account or funds?”

Well! You may say that you choose the most secure platform to trade with or you are using a crypto wallet to hold your assets securely. But, are you sure that your assets are safe now? You would not face any security breach after implying these practices?

I don’t think, you can say something confidently because the fact is no matter what promises any digital platform is making, your data is not safe online. Moreover, it would be good to say that the security of your online data significantly depends on you.

In this read, we will provide you with some tips so that if you are using a promising MetaMask wallet to hold your assets, you can take the following actions to provide extra security. 

Best security tips to protect the MetaMask extension

  • Don’t open your MetaMask wallet on any shared device.
  • Try to use your wallet on your PC instead of your mobile as hacking or compromising a mobile is easier than a PC.
  • Always keep your secret recovery phrase in any secure document.
  • Use a password generator app to create a hard-to-decrypt password for you.
  • Close all the browser extensions that you are not using as they can record the screen and share the same.
  • Always run any anti-virus to keep an eye on if any spyware is running on your device.
  • Wipe out the cookies and history of your browser to clear out saved data.
  • Lock your MetaMask wallet if it is not in use.
  • Never ever share your secret recovery phrase with anyone no matter how close they are.
  • Use a vault to protect all the security credentials such as passwords, seed phrases and private keys.

Other security practices to safeguard MetaMask extension

  • Settings Advanced “Set Auto-Lock Timer” and set it for 5 minutes
  • Settings Advanced Close any experimental features
  • Settings Advanced Select your preferred category of ledger connection if you’ve employed a hardware wallet
  • Settings Security Privacy Switch on “Show incoming transactions”
  • Settings Security Privacy Turn on “Use phishing detection”
  • Settings Security Privacy Close “Participate in MetaMetrics”
  • Settings Alerts and enable all the alerts

The Bottom Line!

The MetaMask wallet thrives to offer the best possible security to all of its customer’s accounts. But, as a software wallet owner, you need to be extra careful because you are also responsible for the security of your wallet. No matter how secure your wallet is, being careful about the security of your wallet can aid you in playing like a pro and also eradicate the chances of big loss. MetaMask keeps the security of their users’ funds a priority as security is the name of the game in the crypto industry. So, you too try not to forget it. Try the aforementioned security practices without wasting any ounces, the ball is still in your court so go and save your nine.

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