Types of business cards

With a business credit card, a company can only make payments within the limit of borrowed bank funds.

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Banks issue two types of payment cards: debit and credit.
With debit, you can use the company's funds that are in the current account. If the bank provides an overdraft, then you can partially use the bank's funds - the amount depends on the conditions.
With a business credit card, a company can only make payments within the limit of borrowed bank funds. With its help, you can pay for goods, services, pay for work.

Cards differ in functionality, cost of maintenance, and a set of special offers https://business.wallester.com.
At Wallester, you can issue a card with or without plastic. A card without plastic is identical in its functions to a regular plastic card. It is also tied to the organization's current account or credit account if it is a business credit card. An entrepreneur can make purchases on the Internet and stores, withdraw cash, make transfers to other cards, and pay entertainment expenses.

How to choose a business card
Choose a business card based on the needs of your company. Decide what expenses you plan to make. Based on this, choose the best option from those offered by the bank. For example, Wallester has different types of cards: debit, premium, and credit with an interest-free period of 100 days, and partners have even more - up to 365 days. The head of the company can choose a premium business card, and the employee can issue a debit card.
Consider how large amounts you will spend on the current account. It affects the choice. Entrepreneurs have enough debit and credit cards. Larger companies take several types of cards for corporate use - premium cards for the head and financial director, and debit cards for employees.
When choosing, pay attention to the annual cost of maintenance, as well as privileges and bonuses.

How to apply for a business card
1. If you are not yet a Wallester customer, you can apply for a card at the same time as opening an account. On this page, select the type of card you are interested in and fill out a short application. A bank employee will contact you and help you prepare documents for opening an account and a business card.
2. If you already have a current account and access to Wallester Internet Banking, it is very easy to order a business card for yourself or an employee of your company: log in to Wallester Internet Banking or the Wallester mobile application, in the Cards section, click Issue a card and fill out the form that opens, selecting the appropriate card type.

Main ideas of the material
A business card is a convenient tool for making settlements with counterparties and making various payments. You can pay for any goods and services that are necessary for the company's activities. You can make purchases both in online and offline stores, spend money on hospitality and travel expenses, and make transfers to other cards.
You can issue multiple cards for employees, and set a limit for each card to avoid overspending the company.
There are different types of cards: debit, and credit. They can be released both on plastic and without.
If you are not yet a Wallester customer, you can get a card by opening a current account. If your company has a current account with Wallester, you can apply for a card in your online banking account or the Wallester mobile app.

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