Underbelly Black Heavenly Master of Rebirth

The more Lin Xuan looked at Yun Yu, the more he threw himself into his stomach and treated her very courteously.

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"Do you know him?" Han Lingling asked again. Understanding? The order of the underworld. Xing Ziyi nodded, "I didn't mean to lie to you, I asked you, you said.." "Is that you, Mo Shengbin?" Before Xing Ziyi had finished speaking, he was interrupted by Han Lingling. Yes Okay, I got it! Let's get the certificate if we have time. Han Lingling was about to get up and leave. Certificate? What credentials? Xing Ziyi's eyes were a little dull, and his eyes were full of disbelief. Divorce certificate. Han Lingling said lightly. Divorce certificate? The three words exploded in Xing Ziyi's head, and the three words were so harsh in his ears that he simply did not want to hear them. You What did you say? Are you going to divorce me? Xing Ziyi asked again in disbelief. Leave. Whoo! Xing Ziyi directly kissed Han Lingling's mouth, did not want to hear in her mouth let oneself crazy words, Xing Ziyi's kiss overbearing and crazy, until Han Lingling breathless. Take back what you said. Xing Ziyi's eyes are red, like a crazy lion. Looking at Xing Ziyi like this, Han Lingling immediately felt a little timid, but when he saw the wooden sign, his eyes were full of firmness, but before he could say the word, he was kissed by Xing Ziyi. This time Xing Ziyi is not a simple kiss, but up and down its hand, after a cloud and rain. Han Lingling had no strength to speak, but still stared at Xing Ziyi with his eyes. Xing Ziyi, on the other hand, hugged Han Lingling, and her eyes were full of self-reproach and guilt. Does it hurt? Because of Han Lingling's words, Xing Ziyi lost her reason directly,Magnesium Sulphate price, looking at Han Lingling, who was already tired and did not want to move, her eyes were full of heartache. Daughter-in-law, I was wrong, I should not lie to you, as long as you do not divorce, I will listen to you in the future, you let this person die, I will never let this person live, you see where I go to find such a good husband ah! I promise I won't lie to you in the future, or I will go to the 18 layers of hell. Let me never see you again. Raise your hand and swear as you speak. Seeing Xing Ziyi swearing, it was impossible for Han Lingling's heart not to waver, but Han Lingling was too tired and slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep. The next day, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,calcium nitrate sol, morning. As soon as Han Lingling woke up, he saw his bedside empty, where there was the shadow of Xing Ziyi? As soon as I got dressed, there was a knock at the door, and when I looked up, I saw Xing Ziyi wearing an apron and carrying a hot breakfast in her hand. Your Majesty, please dine. It was a gentleman who bent down in front of Han Lingling. Han Lingling eyebrows is a wrinkle, looking at a face to please the appearance of Xing Ziyi, the heart is not moved that is impossible, in the world he is high above the business wizard, is a famous diamond bachelor. In the underworld he is the king of the world, where such a thing would be done for a woman! "Should I call you Xing Ziyi or Mo Shengbin?" "You can call the other one as you like. It's better to call her husband or me." Seeing Han Lingling pay attention to himself, Xing Ziyi immediately began to play with treasure. He looked at him and did not speak. See Han Lingling silence, let Xing Ziyi some mad, think Han Lingling to speak to oneself is to forgive oneself? Seeing such a situation made him a little powerless. She had long guessed that she knew that this matter would never easily forgive herself, and it seemed that she thought the same. When Han Lingling walked into the room, he saw Han Liqiang and Chi Bai Chi looking at themselves. Even the breakfast they ate was simple soybean milk and fried dough sticks, which was completely different from the fragrant porridge that Xing Ziyi had just brought to him. Is there something wrong? Han Lingling opened her mouth lightly. I Oh When Han Liqiang dared to speak, he was pushed back by an elbow of Chi Bai Chi. Don't worry! Don't worry! We're all right! With a smile on his face, if he looked carefully, he would find that Chi Bai Chi looked at Han Lingling's eyes a little evasive. Brother, come out. Han Liqiang stood on Han Lingling's face, his eyes full of worry. Since Han Ling came back yesterday, the anger at home has always been in a tense state, and he felt it when he was nervous. Chapter 185 propose again I want to ask something. But seeing Han Lingling's frosty face, he immediately dared not ask. "If you have something to say, say it!" Yesterday Han Lingling noticed that he had something to say to himself. Did something happen to aunt? Yijia was arrested by the police, as well as grandma and uncle! He's also in the hospital. Han Liqiang lowered his head and dared not look into Han Lingling's eyes. And the reason? Han Lingling asked coldly. Han Liqiang was silent. Seeing him like this, Han Lingling sighed, since he knew what to say to himself? Let yourself take care of them? Seeing Han Lingling's appearance, Han Liqiang was at a loss. "The police investigation said that Han Yijia killed two people in a row and injured his grandmother."? And then there's.. After seeing Han Lingling, he didn't say anything. Was it a plan to kill me? Han Lingling said. Han Liqiang looked at her with some surprise, wondering how she knew. Want to know how I know? Then I will tell you that I knew about Han Yijia yesterday. To be exact, I stood beside them and watched them kill each other! Do you know why? Han Lingling smiled and shed tears. He was so strong, but he was just a woman. He also needed to be cared for and loved. He was not a robot? Have your own feelings and thoughts! Not one of their possessions, not something they can use. They're talking about how to kill me! How to replace me! How to turn my money into theirs! This is the grandma and aunt I have called for more than ten years? And how did their daughter get plastic surgery to look like me, and how did she kill me without being noticed? If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I couldn't believe it. This is my home for more than ten years? Thinking about my home all day? Han Lingling wiped the tears of her family. "I just gave them a little push in the middle, and they became like this."? If you blame me, I will not come back, after all,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, they are your relatives, I am just an abandoned baby no one wants, do not deserve to have feelings. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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