Er Ya-Record of the Seven and Five Strange Cases

The more Lin Xuan looked at Yun Yu, the more he threw himself into his stomach and treated her very courteously.

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Yunxiang first let go and ran for a while, and when he could see the gate of Liangcheng in the distance, Bai Yutang slowed down. Tiantian saw the officers and soldiers in front of the city gate far away. "Xiao Bai, are those soldiers catching us?" Bai Yutang smiled and nodded. "What's the matter?"? Afraid? He hugged Bai Yutang's waist tightly and shook his head every day: "I'm not afraid." Bai Yutang turned around, lifted Tiantian up and put him in front of him, took off Tiantian's fur cloak, and wrapped him up. Some feel puzzled every day: "What is this to do?" Bai Yutang whispered in his ear, "If there is a cold arrow later, I'm afraid it will hurt you." Tiantian blinked and rubbed into Bai Yutang's arms and hugged him tightly. When the horse arrived at the city gate, the Xixia soldiers guarding the city took the portrait in their hands and let Bai Yutang enter the city. After entering the city gate, Tiantian opened his eyes wide in a strange way and asked Bai Yutang, "Why didn't they stop us and let us go into the city?" Bai Yutang smiled and said, "Aren't you the shrewdest? Why are you confused?" Thought about it every day, "Ah!"! I see. You said Li yuanhao was arrogant, suspicious and cunning by nature. He deliberately pasted our pictures everywhere in the city so that we could disguise ourselves when we entered the city. What the officers and soldiers guarding the city want to catch is the Han people disguised as Xixia people! Bai Yutang nodded: "Clever." "What about the fourth brother?" I'm a little nervous every day. Don't worry Bai Yutang smiled faintly, "Li yuanhao will not only set up this checkpoint, now someone should have informed him that we have entered the city, as for the fourth brother, I said Wu Laosan is a clever." "Ah ~ ~" Tiantian suddenly realized, "Wu Laosan bought a woman's dress for Ziying. Li yuanhao certainly couldn't guess that someone would dress up as a woman and go to the city." "That's right." Bai Yutang nodded, "as long as you get into the city,dap diammonium phosphate, it's easy to get into the Xixia crowd, and.." "What else?" Curious every day. With Li yuanhao's suspicion and calculation. He should relax the interrogation at the door. "What shall we do?" Tiantian suddenly remembered and looked around. "Didn't you say there should be a lot of pursuers coming?"? Where are the people? Bai Yutang raised the corners of his mouth and smiled: "We haven't come yet, so we have to run quickly!" As he spoke, he reached out and patted Yunxiang on the neck and whispered, "Depend on you!" With that, he tapped Yunxiang's trident with his heel. Yunxiang seemed to understand. With a long hiss, he opened his hooves and ran wildly toward the north gate out of the city. Tiantian had never seen Yunxiang run so fast. The wind was blowing in his ears. He subconsciously hugged Bai Yutang behind him. His heart said, Yunxiang is really better than Ferrari! It's also environmentally friendly and saves gasoline! This cool city street people come and go,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, buy and sell is very lively, cloud ring this run away, the street market immediately turned upside down, a mess. On a tall building in the distance, a young Xixia nobleman in a brocade robe, who was Li yuanhao, was also attracted by the noise here. At this time, he sent out in the streets of Liangcheng spy's men came back to report, said in the streets of Liangcheng horse running, seems to be the brocade rat white jade hall. Li yuanhao was startled and stood up. "How did you let him go into the city?" Embarrassed, his men said, "They're not in disguise." Li yuanhao frowned and sneered twice: "Well, you Bai Yutang, you are too smart." "Four Wolf Lord, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, only Bai Yutang went to the city, and there was no rumor that Han Zhang and Jiang Ping had come with him." His men asked, "Shall we strengthen the guard at the city gate?" Li yuanhao waved his hand and said, "Bai Yutang is so clever. Jiang Ping is also famous for being slippery. How could he come to us in vain?"! And don't forget, Han Zhang is a gopher, and he is good at digging tunnels. There is a river in the cool city, this tunnel can't dig through the whole city, you take people, to the nearest few rivers from the city gate, and wait for him to come out from the ground. Everyone else, go after Bai Yutang with me! With that, he took his men on the horse and went after Bai Yutang. To Li yuanhao's surprise, Jiang Ping, after disguising themselves, easily entered the city. The soldiers of the Western Xia Dynasty stayed by the river nearest to the city gate for a long time, but they didn't see anyone coming up from the ground! Jiang Ping and others mingled with the Xixia people, and when they reached a place not far from the city gate, Han Zhang dug a tunnel. They left the city from the tunnel and rushed to Heishan City, the middle zone of Xia, Liao, Huihe and Song, where the tomb of the Great Xiongnu King was located. Bai Yutang and Jingtian ran to the north gate of the city. Before the officers and soldiers at the gate could stop them, Yunxiang flew out. Li yuanhao led people to chase far away, but Yunxiang was a peerless horse, and the speed was extremely fast. Most of the Xixia horses were Yili horses, and they were fat and good at fighting, but they were not good at long-distance running. They were not a little bit slower than Yunxiang. They chased more than ten miles away, and watched helplessly as Yunxiang ran away. Li yuanhao had no choice but to take people back to the city, and the officers and soldiers who searched for Jiang Ping's whereabouts in the city also came back to report that a tunnel had been found not far from the north gate, and Jiang Ping should have left the city. Li yuanhao was so angry that he kicked over the table in front of him and gritted his teeth: "Bai Yutang, you are really there. You even played me, Li yuanhao, as a fool!" After calming down his anger, he gave the order: "Rise up, let's go to Heishan City!" The Strange Case of the Great Xiongnu Tomb 07 Heishan City Entered the Tomb After Tiantian and Bai Yutang left Liangcheng, they hurried to Heishan City. Desolate grass along the way, indescribable desolate scenery, galloping on horseback on a vast wasteland, the wind roaring through the sand, the lonely geese on the horizon.. None of them makes people feel lofty sentiments. The two men walked for many days, and finally arrived outside the city of Heishan. A Heishan inn in front of them was striking. Bai Yutang saw Wu Laosan standing at the door waiting far away. They walked a long way, and Bai Yutang was afraid of suffering every day, so he was not in a hurry, so he arrived a few days later than Jiang Ping. Wu Laosan also saw the two men coming slowly on a white horse. He ran inside and shouted, "Fourth uncle, fourth uncle, Daddy is coming!" When Bai Yutang arrived at the inn,calcium ammonium nitrate price, Jiang Ping and others came out and saw He Yihang in soft armor every day. When Ziying saw that they were all right every day, she breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Why is it so late? It's so scary." 。

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