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The more Lin Xuan looked at Yun Yu, the more he threw himself into his stomach and treated her very courteously.

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The four of them went back to the village together and took their seats. Lin Xuan ordered the attendant to prepare wine and food. After the mountain girl went out, Yu Duxian introduced her to everyone one by one and asked about her purpose. Yun Yu said, "When you and Mr. Yang's father and daughter left a few days ago, I wanted to escort them out of the country and then go back because they were all old and weak and you were alone, but Dad insisted on refusing.". Although I am not too stubborn, I always feel unhappy in my heart. When I got up early the next day, my father suddenly changed his plan. Not only did he allow me to come after him, but he also went with me. I was so happy that I thought you could catch up with the old and weak on the road. Who would have thought that after a day and a night of chasing, I met people along the way, and no one had seen the traces of the four of you. I suspect that you were caught by the good thief again, but Dad said that you would not. Maybe you hired a sedan chair to go around to the main road halfway. My father and I went around to the main road again, but we still couldn't find it. On the way, we met your master, Lu Zhenren, who talked to my father behind my back. He said that the four of you were at the home of a niece named Lin Xuan in Savage Mountain. He told my father to go home first and asked me to come here to look for you. He also gave me more than ten taels of silver and three bags of tricks with the place and date written on them. It can't be dismantled until the date of field alignment. I grew up with my parents and never left. This time, my father listened to your master and ordered me to go to Yunnan with you. He also said that he would stay at the Wangs in Yunlong Mountain and did not need to go back to Guizhou. My father is old and my mother is ill. How can I give up? My father was so cruel that he forced me to do it. He said that there were many reasons for this. Your master's decision was right. It would be clear when the time came. Not only would my father be beneficial, but I could also get a female sword fairy as my master. After hearing this, I agreed to break up with my father and let your father send me to the mountain pass ahead. I wanted to ask him to come and meet you, but he said he had something important to do and had to fulfill his promise. He pointed out the path of the mountain and turned into a white light and flew away. When I entered the mountain, it was still dark. The mountain road was winding and very steep. If your master hadn't explained it in advance, I almost lost my way. As soon as I finished a winding mountain path, I met a man who was defending the mountain and blocked the way. One of them could speak Guizhou dialect. I explained to him the purpose of my visit. He said that there was no family named Lin in this mountain. They were all mountain people. A few years ago, they would have caught me in the mountain and eaten me raw. They also said a few unpleasant words. And when I was determined to go over,Magnesium Oxide MgO, he held me back with a spear, and provoked me, and snatched it, and broke it, and began to fight. I didn't want to hurt anyone, so I knocked down a few of them and let them come over. I didn't really fight with them. When I met someone who was blocking me, I would get out of the way if I could. I just rushed into the mountains. When they saw that I was running fast, they blew the Lusheng. Where I passed,Magnesium Sulphate producer, arrows came from behind me like locusts. Fortunately, they didn't shoot me. Later, the sound of Lusheng responded on all sides, and when I ran to the front flat, there were more than a thousand people on all sides! Surrounded by swords, spears, bows and arrows. I was worried about how to deal with it when I saw this sister jumping down the hill to block the way. I didn't know this sister was Lin Xuan, but when I asked her, she refused to tell me. In a hurry, I started to fight. "Sister Lin's swordsmanship is so light and agile. If you hadn't come down to rescue me, I wouldn't know what to look at!" Lin Xuan was very brave because she had just received the report. Wherever she went, it was like entering no man's land. She was also a woman, so she had the heart to fight first. As soon as Yun Yu met him, he said, "Is there Lin Xuan here?"? Lead me to meet you as soon as possible, so that you will not die. Lin Xuan in front of a number of mountain people, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, not only inconvenient to openly admit that he is Lin Xuan, but also disliked Yun Yu's wild words, thinking that no matter what your purpose is, let's talk about it after meeting you. Since Lin Xuan was born, she has never met an opponent because of her great strength, light body and skillful mind. Even the goddess's natural power has been defeated in her hands. As soon as he fought with Yun Yu, he realized that his swordsmanship had changed endlessly, which was quite different from the indiscriminate killing and slashing of the goddess and the blue cow. Had it not been for the fact that in the past two months, he had learned a set of unfinished Liuhe swordsmanship from Shan E, a real person on land, and had almost been unable to resist it, he would have been surprised several times to avoid it. Sure enough, Shan E said, "There are people outside the world, and there are days outside the world. Now has not come out of the mountain to meet this kind of strong enemy, the road ahead does not know how difficult to walk! In addition, the embers of the fire were still burning, and the monster yak had not been removed. I had something to do in my heart, which made me even more irritable. I wished I could kill the enemy with a knife so that I could go to work. I raised my power, and a knife was as tight as a knife, which made the wind and rain impenetrable, but still could not take any advantage. Just when he was in a hurry, Yu alone rushed down to rescue him. When he heard that he was one of his own or a companion of the same trade, he could not help turning enemies into friends. In addition, Yun Yufeng was a peerless God, and his language was handsome, just like a woman's husband. Unlike the Yang sisters, he still had a bit of boudoir spirit. He was more sympathetic and more respectful. After listening to Yun Yu's words, he rushed to answer, "Sister, it's really because my sister is in such a hurry, and her name was recently given by Uncle Shan. There's a dilemma. I don't want everyone to know it now.". I also heard that my sister was highly skilled and wanted to learn something, but in a hurry I forgot that no one knew about my sister's new famous mountain. Who else was there besides the one sent by Uncle Shan? In a moment of confusion, there was a lot of offense. Don't take it amiss, sister. Zhou Qi said, "Even though I usually have two or three points of conceit, I have forgotten this layer. The older I get, the more confused I am." "Don't blame your sister for that," said Yun Yu. It was also because the younger sister was young and arrogant and did not explain in advance that she had come on the orders of a single real person. In addition, she met several defenders and knocked her head unconscious. When she saw her sister, she thought she was also an enemy, which led to this misunderstanding. Fortunately, you and I will be a family in the same boat in the future. As the saying goes, if we don't fight, we won't know each other. No one will care about it any more. There is no need to mention it again. The younger sister has always been outspoken. Has the elder sister ever set a date for her trip? Where are Mr. Yang's father and daughter now? Could you please come out and see me? Yu alone said something about the situation after parting and the fire in the village, the assassination of the hairy man, and the monster in the tiger's den, and then told Lin and Zhou in detail about how Yun Yu went to save Yang's two daughters alone. They said something about admiration to each other. After a while, the wine and meat tsampa was served, and Yun Yu set off into the mountains before dawn. She started fighting with people along the way, feeling hungry in her stomach,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and without being polite, she began to eat and drink. The more Lin Xuan looked at Yun Yu, the more he threw himself into his stomach and treated her very courteously. stargrace-magnesite.com

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