Wear it quickly, the heroine and the male God can't stop flirting.

Most of the recruits are exhausted by the high-intensity training every day. But Delory's life is so rich and colorful. If the body is always beaten black and blue, purple is also colorful, then he is colorful.

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Luo Qingchen's eyebrows moved slightly and he was about to pick up his glass. Murong Ming took it without hesitation and drank it down. "She's not a ghost after all. Try not to drink it." "Haha," Meng Kite seemed a little drunk. She narrowed her eyes and said with a sweet smile, "Meng Kite has never seen the ghost king spoil a person like this. I really envy him." "Dream kite you drink too much," Luo Qingchen looked at her unconsciously sliding down the tears, suddenly felt a little sad. A sixteen-year-old woman has never been loved, never enjoyed love. Chapter 974 the bride of the Hades: The sacrifice of the substitute (end). One second to remember. Bookben. Net, wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! The next second, she staggered and poured herself another glass of wine. She looked at Donger and said, "Finally, I would like to thank my sister Donger for her rebirth.". I may forget you in the next life, but I will try to remember what happened to us, even a little bit! This night is very long but also very short, Luo Qingchen did not stay much, but was brought back to the world by Murong Ming at dawn. After all, there is no room for her as a living person in the city of ten thousand ghosts. A lot of things happened in her absence, Su Luoluo completely fell into madness, all day long God said that someone wanted to kill her. Murong Hanxuan could not stand her directly locked her in the cold palace, but at this time his body has become more and more lethargic, the sudden onset of sleepiness. Others do not know why these two people are so miserable, but Luo Qingchen is very clear. Murong Ming means very much, killing a person is absolutely the most merciful way to him. But for Su Luoluo and Murong Hanxuan, he was not willing to be kind. The Wu clan received the punishment of going against the sky because of the life and death platform I. The fire rain of the Wu clan lasted for half a month, which made the whole Wu clan less than a blade of grass, and even the astrology platform no longer existed. It was not long before Murong Ming died. He had no son in his lifetime, and no one succeeded him to the throne after his death. The throne was in vain for a long time, and was finally succeeded by General Zhenyuan. The name of the country was changed to Zhou. All this must be arranged by Murong Ming. General Zhenyuan was a little prince reincarnated by the Murong Ming clan seven hundred years ago. Although it has no blood relationship with the Murong clan, it does not seem to have much relationship. The world will be divided for a long time,industrial racking systems, and will be divided for a long time. The Murong clan has ruled Mu'an for seven hundred years, and it should change its appearance. Between the mortal world, all things seem to have a fall. That day, Luo Qingchen had nothing to do and opened the imperial mausoleum built for Murong Ming. Walking into the first floor, she seemed to be able to hear the chirping voices of the sisters, and the scene of their first encounter flashed before her eyes. At that time they were enemies but not friends, but now she is sad for him and their loss. There is still a crystal coffin in the center of the third floor, which still makes a creaking sound when stepping on the ice. She slowly stepped forward, lazily leaning on the ice coffin, imitating Murong Ming's appearance, and tapping her right fingertips at will. The next second, she cleared her throat and imitated his deep tone. "You're the first person here in seven hundred years." "Ah," she did not know that she had not yet enjoyed the pleasure of imitation. The waist was suddenly hugged, and the whole person fell into the ice coffin. Sneak into my room. What do you want? Murong Ming hugged him tightly, push back racking system ,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, with a shallow tenderness in his eyes. He just went to the underworld to deal with a little thing, this little girl where to go is not good, but came to this imperial mausoleum. I, Luo Qingchen, pursed my lips and wanted to say something, but was blocked by his thin and cool lips, gently rubbing the soft lips, with his unique breath. For a long time, he just gently let go of her, the corners of his mouth outlined a lazy smile and said: "Welcome the hostess home." "Such a cold home!" Luo Qingchen pretended to be proud of the drum mouth, a face of dissatisfaction. Little did they know that the next second there was a faint blue light around, and the whole ice coffin was transformed into a weak bed. He held her gently in his arms and whispered in her ear, "Lady, go to sleep!" "It's a weird feeling." "How strange?" It's like being in the underworld. ” "But we are a ghost marriage!" "Hee hee, it seems so!" Chapter 975: After you die, I continue to love you without telling anyone (1) One second to remember. Bookben. Net, wonderful novel free reading without pop-up window! Mulberry field endless soul for thousands of years, dark day and night, Cangxin confused stone moss mark cover. Murong Ming My name is Murong Ming, and my original identity is a ghost king with unlimited rights. Walk in the two realms of Yin and Yang, cross the ghost and burn the fierce ghost. Little did they know that all this had been changed by a new underworld sacrifice. In order to take my place, he did everything he could to push me into the path of reincarnation and become a person I could never imagine. The moment I was born has an absolute memory, but there is no way. That year, the world was in chaos, the people were in dire Straits, and I became the hope of their lives. It is not all a legend to wield the ghost army, go to the battlefield, and secure the world. After six years of war, I agreed to establish all the countries as Mu'an. What I didn't expect was that God played a huge joke on me again. My half-brother, for the sake of imperial power, joined the sorcery clan to kill me personally. Be dismembered by five horses, so happy! What he didn't expect was that after I died, the sky began to rain blood. The sorcery clan naturally calculated that I would turn into a fierce ghost and seek their lives. After negotiation, they put my body into the imperial mausoleum within seven days for the sake of the imperial mausoleum specially built by me, and sealed it with blood wax around me, trapping my soul in it. But although I died, I unexpectedly got back the position of the ghost king of the ten temples. The underworld sacrifice that originally replaced me was burned by the fire of hell, and the soul was never born in the end. I, on the other hand, am trapped because of my physical body. Can only shuttle between the imperial mausoleum and the underworld, can not reach the world. The King of Hell said that this was fate, and perhaps the change of fate was the appearance of doom. Life is death, death is life; good is bad, bad is good. Maybe it's plain,radio shuttle racking, okay. Every year, as the fierce ghosts from all sides claim their lives, they choose sacrifices to escape the punishment of changing their lives again and again. kingmoreracking.com

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