I'm sorry. I love you.

Most of the recruits are exhausted by the high-intensity training every day. But Delory's life is so rich and colorful. If the body is always beaten black and blue, purple is also colorful, then he is colorful.

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Finally, I can't help it. On the weekend, I was wandering in the park alone and called Jiaxiong. Half an hour later, he appeared in front of me. He actually had something else to do, because it was me, so he turned it down halfway. After meeting, I told Jiaxiong that I was very sad on the day of the reunion, and I began to cry. He did not speak for a long time, and finally sighed: "Why didn't you say it earlier? If you had said it earlier, maybe we would be married now.". When I went back that day, I dug out the letters he had written to me in high school, each of which had large sections of ink. I carefully identified the letter paper in the sunlight, and the original place covered by ink was written- "I like you!" Why didn't I see it until now? He has his girlfriend, I have my boyfriend, and we can't go back! "Why can't you be together if you're not married yet?" Qiu Han has some doubts. "My hesitation may have something to do with my family," Xiaoqing said on the phone. At the age of 16, my parents divorced. I want a stable home, and don't let me feel turbulent again. And now my boyfriend is very good to me. He's a very mature person, and he's very relaxed with him. He kept asking to get married quickly, but I procrastinated because I didn't think clearly about what love was. At the end of the story,push back racking system, Xiao Qing said softly, "Qiu Han, before I called you, I bought two packs of tissues.". I thought I'd cry, but.. I don't know if it's because I'm talking about some good memories, or because I've put some down. Jiaxiong and I didn't start, so there was no result,asrs warehouse, only regret and understanding. Qiu Han sighed with emotion: "Life is like this, it gives us regret, for fear that we find it difficult to accept, so we take some understanding." The callers were mainly divided into two groups. One group advised Xiaoqing to leave her current boyfriend and stay with Jiaxiong. The other group said that marriage and love were not the same thing, and that it was more reliable to marry her current boyfriend. At the end of the program, Qiu Han said to the audience, "Everyone must be as clear as I am about Xiao Qing's mind.". I hope she will not take too many detours, go around too many circles, and be sorry for too many people before returning to her true self. If Xiao Qing and Jia Xiong are forced by the status quo to marry someone they don't like. Their hearts must be connected and interlinked. It's not fair to their other halves, and both marriages have hidden reefs. How can you not go back? Follow the call of the heart, along the breath of love, that is the way to go back-if she is willing to go back. Here, I want to send Xiaoqing a song "Later" by Liu Ruoying, hoping that she will not let her loved ones get hurt and leave too many regrets. The white petals of the gardenia fell on my blue pleated skirt. Love you, metal racking systems ,Automated warehouse systems, you whisper, I lowered my head and smelled a fragrance. That eternal night, the night you kissed me in the summer of seventeen, Let me sigh every time in the future. Always think of the starlight of the day. Why was love so simple at that time? And why is it that when people are young, You must let the people you love get hurt. In this similar night, are you also quietly regretful and sentimental? If we hadn't been so stubborn at that time, I'm not so sorry now. How do you remember me with a smile or very silent? Is there anyone who can keep you from being lonely all these years? And then I finally learned how to love, It's a pity that you have gone away and disappeared in the sea of people. Later, I finally understood in tears. Some people never miss it again. It will never happen again. There is a boy who loves that girl. On the way back, Qiu Han and Wang Tong talked about Xiao Qing. Wang Tong said sharply: Her love with Jia Xiong is a kind of romance, and her relationship with her boyfriend is a kind of utilitarianism. And marriage tends to choose the latter over the former, doesn't it? Love in the world, there will always be regret and give up, there will always be lost. In fact, you don't have to be with someone to love him. From Xiao Qing to Su Lei, Qiu Han is not without a sense of loss. Wang Tong looks at her: "Strange, how can you have this kind of argument?"? Haven't you always been a happy little woman? Qiu Han rubbed his eyes and said, "I just listened to Xiao Qing's story and had a feeling." Yes, the one you marry is not your favorite, which is the case with most people. Because you didn't get him, he was precious. If you got him, you might not think so. Tongtong, do you belong to the majority? You feel precious to LEON because you don't get it. Wang Tong refused to answer. This evening, because of Su Lei, and because of Xiao Qing, Qiu Han lost sleep again. As soon as she hung up QQ, "Shen Yu" sent a message, as if he had been waiting for a long time. Hey, do you remember me? "Remember, you are a fish at the bottom of the water." "But you seem to have forgotten our appointment at one o'clock at midnight." Shit, she really doesn't remember that. Sorry, I'm naturally forgetful. I grew up forgetting better than remembering. "I've seen it before.". A lot of things and people, you say you don't remember, you don't remember. "Oh, he seems to be very familiar with me.". Do you recognize me? "Of course I know you, but you don't know me." "Ha!" Qiu Han smiled, "I've never seen such a stingy man as you!" "Shall we start to know each other again?" I can feel his longing eyes. Fine. My name is Autumn Leaf. I'm a radio host. I live in Z City. "Hello, I am a fish sinking at the bottom of the water, and I will spit bubbles when I am bored." "That won't work. You'll get bored.". You should always come out of the water, see the blue sky and white clouds, and breathe fresh air. As a result, Qiu Han and "Shen Yu" really started their date at midnight. Although they live in the same city and breathe the same air, they have a tacit understanding that they follow the rules of the network and never ask to meet or talk about their feelings. After a long time, she felt vaguely that he was a man who had been hurt, but did not hurt him to decadence,metal racking systems, such temperament, melancholy and introverted, just right. kingmoreracking.com

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