Ghana DG Set Market Share, Size, Future Demand, and Emerging Trends

In this blog, you will get to read about why diesel gensets are not only popular in Ghana, but all over the world.

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It has not been much time when several households in Ghana experienced a power-cut in the month of January. It was termed as the case of power system disturbance. It is not the first time that Ghana suffered a power outage, and surely it will not be the last.

Like most of the African countries in this world, Ghana is still in the developmental phase, and power outages are a common phenomenon. To deal with these power outages in the country, the demand for diesel gensets is on the rise, and it will reach a value of USD 67,032.6 million by the end of this decade.

It may spring a surprise to many people that despite being a conventional fuel for generators, it is still very popular in developing countries, such as Ghana

Diesel gensets are relatively well-built, rugged, and are sturdy enough to be ready for fulfilling the demand for the same as a source of backup power.

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Versatility is Fine with Gensets

Diesel generators are not only durable, but also versatile. These commercial generators can be used in different industries and various applications that allow a diesel genset to truly become a main power source whether installed on-site or used as a movable unit to power off-grid projects.

This allows diesel gensets to deliver power in most places that are off the key power grid, but a key power source is needed to power key equipment and tools.

It is because of the increasing incidences of power outages in Ghana, and diesel being a conventional fuel is readily available even in a developing country like Ghana, the demand for diesel gensets will be on the rise in the years to come.



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