What is Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

The Delta Airlines cancellation policies vary in two types.

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The Delta Airlines cancellation policies vary in two types. One in which the traveller cancels the flights. The other is in which the airline itself cancels the flights. The situations and policies are different in both cases. Moreover, it also depends on the fare options purchased by a traveller. Let’s know more about it here-

Cancellation Policy:

Delta Airlines permits travellers to cancel their air ticket deal within 24 hours after the airline reservation. In any case, if you cancel the ticket post 24 hours then you have to pay some penalty to the airline.

  • In case of online booking, open the “Manage Flights” tab in order to cancel or change the flight.
  • Secondly, in case of changes in flight, a traveller has to pay a relevant fare difference additionally to the change
  • If a traveller is making some changes in the airline reservation post 24 hours, then he/she won’t get any credit card refund. Also, there is a cancellation fee charge.
  • Then, if a traveller is canceling the ticket that he has bought from Delta flight credit then it has a validity of one year from the date of cancellation for Delta flight.
  • Next, if a traveller doesn’t cancel or change the flight before the departure then all the payment that he has made for the booking is forfeited.

Refundable Fare:

In this scenario, a traveller gets a full refund only if he/she cancels the flight booking prior to the departure. But, if they don’t cancel the flight before departure then he/she won’t be eligible for a refund.

Non-Refundable Fare:

If a traveller changes or cancels the flight before departure them the fee that is applicable per person along with a difference in fare. If you don’t make the changes before departure then all the payment becomes an extra charge. It is known as “No Shows”.

Cancellation Tips:

  • If a person is making a direct call then he/she must have all the necessary details. It includes the name of the customer, the confirmation number, and the credit card number.
  • Also, if a person is making changes online then he/ she must have all the required details. It includes last name, confirmation number, origin and destination cities, and credit card number.
  • Further, if a traveller has made the air ticket booking by a travel agency then he/she can change it online easily. In order to know more about it, visit the Delta Airlines website and then click the tab “My Tips” in order to change the airline reservation.

Notification About Delay and Cancellation:

In case of changes in the status of the flight, the airline notifies a traveller by e-mails about the real-time status. However, the flight status can be checked online on the website of Delta Airlines by selecting the option of “Flight Tracker Status”.

Rebooking of Flight:

A person can also rebook a flight after cancellation by calling Delta Airlines number directly. A person can also book the flight by visiting the nearby airport.

Compensation for Delay and Cancellation:

If the airline itself is making any delay or cancellation in flight then a traveller is eligible for compensation. If a person has bought the flight ticket offer directly from the Delta airline, he/she will get notified about the compensation. They will get an email within a week of flight departure.

Hope this blog by Tripbeam helps you a lot in knowing about the cancellation policy, compensation rebooking of flights of Delta Airlines so that you experience airline reservation without any hassle.

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