Diablo 4 Guide: How to Get the Howl From Below Unique

Would you like to make the build of your Necromancer's Corpse Explosion even more powerful in Diablo 4? Checking out this guide of the Howl From Below Unique!

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As the only class in Diablo 4 that uses multiple resources, the Necromancer class also has a Secondary Resource it can use, which is Corpses, besides the Primary Resource. The player spams a Corpse Explosion around the enemy, which will bring terrible Corpse Explosion damage. After defeating the enemy, Players can acquire randomly dropped items and gold rewards.

As we all know, matching a good set of Legendaries with a complementary set of Aspects in Diablo 4 can bring a lot of power to a particular build. These unique items take the power level of the game to the next level.

The Howl From Below Unique is a unique item that is exclusive for necromancers. It is used to increase the Corpse Explosion ability and build Corpse better. Let's learn how to get the Howl From Below Unique gloves!

1. Where to Find the Howl From Below Unique Gloves

The same as almost every other Unique in Diablo 4, the Howl From Below Unique Gloves is obtained as a random drop. There are three ways to trigger Howl Underground Unique Gloves drop

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(1) Defeating enemies

(2) Opening chests

(3) Breaking any breakable items scattered across the map

Due to the random drop nature of items, players can Buy D4 Items, as well as spend time farming various dungeons and world events. Defeat the enemies in it, and you can get Howl From Below Unique Gloves and gold rewards.

2. What is the Function of Howl From Below Unique Gloves?

One of the most intriguing uses for Howl From Below Unique Gloves is combining them with Corpse Tendrils. When the players meet corpses that are too far away from the enemy they want to defeat, use the Corpse Tendrils to pull the enemy closer first, then send the Corpse Explosion, which will do terrible damage to enemies. Players can use get a lot of gold rewards.

In addition to the Howl From Below Unique, players can also Buy D4 Gold to help complement the build of Corpse Explosion, so go explore the various dungeons now.

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