How To Move Quicken To New Computer?

Have you recently bought new PC for your home or office premises? Want to switch the Quicken from previous computer to the new one? But unfortunately don’t know how to do it? Relax! Simply read the blog-post as the effective guides are noted here.

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If you have a query in your mind that ‘Can I transfer Quicken from one computer to another?’, then let me know you that your answer would be flawlessly “Yes” you can Move Quicken To New Computer. Well, basically there are two possible ways to do the transfer of your Quicken from one system to another. First method is a manual reinstall. In order to do that, you are required to install a new copy of Quicken on the new computer. And then after, you will have to inspect and copy your data, your reports, your settings and configurations. Of course, here is a better way to perform the same thing in an easiest manner. So, what you are suggested to do is to keep your eyes feast on this blog and give a try once to all the provided steps. Within a second you can find your Quicken is being moved onto the new computer. Let’s start!

Points To Remember

Before getting started with the Quicken transferring process, following are the few points you should have in your mind:

  • There is not requirement of purchasing a new Quicken for moving your data files
  • You must install the same version of Quicken on the new computer
  • Need to convert the files to the same version, in case another version of Quicken was moved in your system
  • Subscription Release customers can open Quicken from the web-browser on any operating device
  • Although, you can backup files and it is recommended you to not open or run Quicken on a network

Now, you can begin with the steps to Move Quicken To New Computer.

Required Steps To Move Quicken To New Computer

Check-out the guidelines listed below to learn the actual procedure for transferring the Quicken to one PC to other. Take a brief look at once and try to follow them accordingly:

Step 1: Move Quicken Manually From One Computer To Another

Go through the provided instructions for this:

  • First open Quicken and go to the “File” menu
  • Now, choose “Backup and Restore” and then choose “Backup Quicken File”
  • After that, create a Backup in a local folder
  • Next, attach the removal disk, copy the backup in it and then eject the disk safely once the backup has done
  • Now, insert the disk into the computer having Quicken
  •  Afterwards, copy the Quicken files into a local folder
  • Open Quicken and then again go to the “File” section
  • Select “Backup and Restore” and then choose Restore from the backup file
  • Next, go to the folder where you have copied your backup file and then tap “Restore” to restore it

Step 2: Transfer Quicken For MAC From One PC To Another

Here is the desired steps you should go through:

  •         First you have to install the latest version of Quicken on your new computer
  •         Now, copy your Quicken file and then move to the external disk. Here is the way to do it:
  • Open your Quicken on your old PC and choose File
  • Then, select “Save a Backup”
  • After that, backup your file to a disk or USB drive
  •         And then after you have to restore the Quicken file on your new computer by provided steps:
  • First, connect the disk or USB drive to the new PC
  • Now, open Quicken and then go to the “File” menu and choose “Restore from Backup”
  • Under the Devices external drive will be mentioned at the left corner
  • Choose your Device and then find your backup file
  • Give a click on “Restore This File” and save it to a local drive
  • At the end, tap “Restore”

Contact To Deft Connoisseurs For One-Stop Guide To Move Quicken

Don’t panic! If you have seriously gone throughout the aforementioned steps but still not able to Move Quicken To another Computer. There is a technical support team who works 24X7 to deliver the fruitful solution to all helpless candidates. To be in touch with them, you only have to give a ring on helpline number. In a least time of interval you can complete this task.

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