Diablo 4 KFC Launch Promo: Dates, Items, QR Codes & More

Not all people like the sandwich, along with the promo was for those from the US

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The Early Access beta of diablo 4 buy items in March was the 1st time that most gamers and fans with the iconic ARPG franchise made it possible to experience Lilith's resume Sanctuary. There was, however, something somewhat hard to swallow for most fans inside the KFC Double Down promotion featuring Diablo 4 Early Access keys.

Diablo 4

Not all people like the sandwich, along with the promo was for those from the US, leaving some Diablo 4 fans with empty stomachs and getting to wait another week to discover the game for initially. However, it appears to be their prayers happen to be answered to be a new Diablo 4 x KFC Collab initiated a policy of, in-game rewards to say with your buying of some delicious KFC.

Diablo 4 KFC Launch Promo Start End Dates

After some recent speculation and rumors surrounding this collab, we finally have confirmation that starting on 29 May, players should have the option to purchase a Sandwich or Sandwich Combo Meal from the KFC website or KFC app (Not in-store) to acquire their initial code. From 30 May onwards, they could connect their KFC accounts because of their Battle.net accounts to interchange this code on an in-game cosmetic.

For now, develop that Blizzard and KFC can solve the confusion and provide players clear instructions on how and best places to join this collaboration and claim the rewards. But for now, just look for a participating store close to you and use the internet through the app or website from now prior to the 2nd of July to acquire your hands on these awesome Diablo 4 x KFC promo rewards.

That's everything we all know so far regarding the diablo 4 buy items x KFC launch promo, from the actual way it will work on the in-game items, QR codes, and much more. As time goes on and much more content is possibly added through this promotion, we are sure to update this post. We'll look at you all in Sanctuary and be certain to enjoy your KFC lunch and Diablo 4 rewards!

Players can continue to keep purchasing specific KFC menu items until they have got obtained all five unique cosmetic rewards, while using the ending date being about 2 July. Now that you know where to take part in this collab, let's look into the rewards available and ways in which you can claim them.

Based on what we along with players have observed around the KFC app and website from the US, you will discover five in-game rewards readily available for Diablo 4 throughout the KFC Promo. To get these rewards, you should scan a QR code found around the back of KFC packaging after linking your Battle.net account to your KFC account.

These exclusive in-game rewards are specifically for the people who obtain a "KFC Sandwich" variant (shown above) throughout the website or app, as I've already explained. If you're playing Diablo 4, you will be able to redeem all five rewards by looking into making four more purchases as soon as the first one.

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