How do you buy crypto tokens within the MetaMask wallet?

This blog-post talks about the best way through which you can purchase crypto assets using your MetaMask wallet.

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MetaMask is known for providing top-notch features and services to users and this is the reason why it is being loved by users across the globe. Apart from working as a crypto storage, it also lets you perform some additional tasks as well. And the best among them is, letting you buy crypto within the MetaMask wallet. So, in today's post, I will be showcasing to you the complete procedure to buy crypto tokens with this wallet service provider.

How does this whole process work?

The process involves the usage of some on-ramp providers that are accessible, fast, and scalable making the whole process work out in your favor. As soon as you plan on buying crypto and then enter the preferred amount, the  MetaMask wallet  starts to integrate with the providers so that they can actively work to fetch you the quotes. Based on the market price fluctuations, the quote provided to you automatically gets refreshed after every 10 seconds. This helps you minimize price fluctuations as well as decreases the chances of failed transactions.

Steps to make the purchase 

Here are the steps that you need to follow for making the purchase:

  1. First of all, you need to open the MetaMask wallet through its extension or the app
  2. Now, sign into your wallet account and then go to the homepage
  3. Next up, find and click on the "Buy" option present in between the "Receive" and "Send" buttons
  4. First users need to select their region and repeating users need to skip this step
  5. Thereafter, you need to open the drop-down menu and scroll until you see the country of your registered payment method, and then select the apt state
  6. As you move towards the next step, please select the payment method of your choice
  7. You can also choose from Google Pay or Apple Pay
  8. On the following screen, you need to select a token that you wish to buy
  9. Then, input the preferred amount in the given field (it should be in the value of the fiat currency that you had selected)
  10. After some time, you will be shown a list of quotes in a descending order
  11. Choose your preferred quote from the given list
  12. At last, complete the KYC verification process and you'll be done


This blog-post talks about the best way through which you can purchase crypto assets using your MetaMask wallet. Even if you have not created an account on a crypto trading exchange, you can surely use your wallet to make an investment through it. The best way to do so has been explained in the section above and I hope you will be able to apply those steps. 

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