D2R Armageddon Druid Build Guide

Armageddon Druids are elemental spellcasters who target the power of fire.

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Armageddon Druids are elemental spellcasters who target the power of fire. With recent buffs for season 4, the Armageddon Druid has become an S-tier build, because of the removal of the No-hit-delay (NHD) that allows the Druid to simultaneously hit together with his myriad of fire spells. Before the update, the damage was restricted to one source, so casting spells together would lead to only the first spell hit applying damage. This buff, significant effects builds such as the Armageddon druid, Mosaic Assassin, and tick damage-based builds which previously have experienced limited damage output when cycling with the full variety of spells.

This guide covers everything from skill allocation, stat distribution, gear recommendations, and leveling guidelines to help you get started, in addition to end-game optimizations for veterans.

Skills Allocation

Your definitive goal is to maximize the power from the Armageddon skill and it is synergies, which you'll now use effectively in your spell cycle for further damage. Allocate your skill points as follows:

Elemental Tree

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-Armageddon (20 points): One of the primary damage-dealing skills with huge AoE. Comparable to a wider area -Hurricane that ought to be the backdrop of the damage output, pre-cast on enemies before cycling using your target-based damage spells.

-Volcano (20 points): Strong synergy for Armageddon, increasing its damage and offering a powerful focussed damage output spell, ideal for enemies with less mobility.

-Fissure (20 points): Pre-requisite for Armageddon and primary damage dealer with good AoE.

-Molten Boulder (Another powerful directed spell that is ideal for early leveling and cyclable now together with your other fire spells).

Shape-Shifting Tree: None

While hybrid Fire/Werewolf or Werebear builds aren't uncommon, the recent buffs have primarily empowered the Fire specialists given NHA has diminished utility in builds not focussed on maximizing your spell cycle damage. Therefore it is not advised.

Summoning Tree

Oak Sage (20 points): Provides a huge passive bonus for your and your party's life, similar to a Barbarian’s BO, and stackable, this can be a fantastic early ladder party skill, that ought to considerably raise the survivability of the entire party, particularly when paired with a BO Barb.

Grizzly bear and prerequisites (1 point): An additional damage soaker, with buffs by 50 percent.4 allowing all of your summonses to battle at once.

Stat Distribution

Allocate your stat points in the following manner:

Strength: Enough points to put on your desired gear. This ought to be none or low when utilizing Enigma however, you may require investment for early ladder or lower budget builds.

Dexterity: Invest enough points to attain max block (75%) together with your chosen shield or none if you're opting right into a vitality-based build. Spirit wielders should opt into vitality because of the poor block rate from the shield.

Vitality: All remaining points ought to be placed into vitality to improve your life pool which is further enhanced by Oak Sage.

Energy: No points are essential in energy, as the mana pool is not a priority and may be remedied with potions.

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