Why should you choose Coinbase.com/advanced Trade?

Are you planning to try your hands on an advanced level of trading? If yes, you probably looking for a crypto trading platform that resonates with your advanced trading requirements.

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So, here’s some good news for you. Yes! We are here with a platform named Coinbase.com advanced Trade, which is specifically designed to facilitate seasoned traders. Do you want to explore it in-depth with me? Let me introduce it first.

What is Coinbase.com/advanced Trade?

If you have heard about Coinbase Pro, you can get it easily as it is an upgraded version of Coinbase Pro which is now available as Advanced Trade on the Coinbase platform.

Yes! All the functionalities available in Coinbase Pro now can be found in Advanced Trade. If you are not familiar with Coinbase Pro, let me tell you that it is a separate trading platform offered by Coinbase with advanced trading tools. Whereas Coinbase welcomes novice traders by offering a user-friendly platform and easy-to-use tools, Coinbase Pro which is now available as an Advanced Trade is designed for regular and active traders.

What you should know about Coinbase.com/advanced Trade?

Before opting for any trading platform it is highly recommended to conduct your own thorough and meticulous research. Do not invest without getting a detailed exploration. Considering that I am here to aid you by presenting some keynotes on Advanced Trade so have a look into it.

  • The advanced trading tool offers a lower transaction fee and higher trading volume. I can say they follow the maker-and-taker rule. It means for a bigger investing amount, you will be asked for minimal fees.
  • The key facet which plays a huge role in attracting customers is its sophisticated and exclusive UI.
  • The cutting-edge security measures of Coinbase Advance trade such as 2FA, aka Allowlist, FDIC insurance etc. are its cornerstone.
  • It incorporates numerous innovative and radical trading tools such as advanced charts, trade API, rewards etc. to step up your game.

The Bottom Line!

To sum up, Coinbase.com/advanced Trade can be designated to aid seasoned investors and designed to meet all of their crypto needs by offering state-of-art trading features and high-end security. If you also want to enhance your trading experience, you can try your hands on trading using the Advanced Trade tool. And yes, don’t get confused if the Coinbase Pro website lands you on the Advanced Trade webpage because it is just Coinbase Pro’s upgraded version.

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